Men's Beard Care Set Beard


- Beautiful and easy to use
- Natural ingredients that contain a blend of waxes, oils, and butter with no preservatives.
- For an air-tight seal ensure the lid is on tightly.
- Ensure the tin lid is on tightly to ensure an air-tight seal.

Net WT: 30ml beard oil & 60g beard balm
Quantity :  4PCS
Color of cream: light yellow
Storage condition: Keep fresh in dry & cool area
Directions: APPLY DAILY AM & PM
Wash & Clean the growing area.
Apply the cream by gradually massage it over the area you want to grow hair and smoothly massage until the cream is absorbed through the skin and the cream has faded away (until cream does not appear on the skin)
Normally, the results can be seen around the 3rd week. Small hairs will appear and you can continue use for thicker facial hair.
Ingredients (beard balm): Myristica Fragrans Houtt, Sesame Oil, Milk butter, Green Tea Oil, Clitoria Ternatea, Coconut Oil
Ingredients(beard oil): A perfect,fragrance-free blend of 100% pure, organic cold pressed, unrefined Golden Jojoba oil,100% Pure, organic cold pressed, unrefined Moroccan Argan oil
Package included:1PCS Beard oil + 1PCS Beard Balm  + 1PCS Beard Comb

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