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Day 3 The Whale Company Source to Sea trip

Day 3. Huge thanks to the Ferry man Inn at Bablock Hythe for allowing us to camp & providing a delicious breakfast, to WoodYou for Carlos' beautiful sunglasses, #subtech for our amazing dry bag & @RizBoardshorts for Carolyn's fabulous shirts made from recycled plastic bottles.

To see their video of the journey so far got to the below link:

The Whale Company Day3

As always we are super proud of the team and very happy to be able to be part of this project and kit them out in some stylish WoodYou items!

To read more and get involved in this amazing project feel free to reach out to us or directly to The Whale Company

Go get your favorite WoodYou items now and show the love for wood and natural products.

Team WoodYou